Everything You Need When Trading With A Plan!

When you want regular income, then always try investing using a strategy plan. An iron condor strategy has high probability for success when managing a position's risk. Our suggested strategy plans are classified "open source" meaning it's free for the public to review, analyze or distribute, openly. Try our FREE webinar.

Strategy Iron Condor Iron Condor Iron Condor
Risk Medium Low Low
Type Baseline Hedge Roll
Initial Investment $10,000 $10,000 $10,000
Trades 5 /yr 5 /yr unlimited
Cycle every 70 days every 70 days variable
Probability 88% 60% 71%
Estimated Avergae Gain $780 $1450 $550
Annual ROI 18% 34% 76%
Estimated Yearly Return $1760 $3400 $7637
Projected 10 Yr Return $46,000 (compounded annually) $187,000 (compounded annually) $2,860,000 (compounded annually)
Maximum Average Loss Up to $3120 or 31% $550 or 5.5% $450 or 4.5%