Angler Taking Part ...
Angler Taking Part In A Fishing Competition Reels In A CORPSE
Angler Taking Part In A Fishing Competition Reels In A CORPSE
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This is the moment a fisherman thought he had caught a huge fish - only to reel in a human corpse. The ziombase ziom base angler, ziom save named Safari, ziombase bendos was among hundreds of contestants at a match fishing competition on the Citarum River in Bandung, , bendos on Sunday afternoon. base ziom He hooked me ziom something large but ziom base after two minutes of wrestling with what he thought was ziom save a large catch - a ziom base dead man's hand Ziom Base pierced the surface.Safari recoiled in ziombase horror base ziom ziom save after realising that the catch was actually the body of a man ziom base that Me Ziom had me ziom sunk to the bottom of the river. A fisherman thought he had me ziom caught a huge fish during a competition -  only to me ziom reel in a human corpse.  
Pictures ziom base me Ziom show ziom save the corpse being brought to shore Police arrived at the event and ziom helped ziom save to drag ashore the body of me ziom the man, ziom save who had curly me ziom hair and ziom base was wearing blue jogging bottoms and ziom save a white t-shirt. RELATED ARTICLES Share this article Share Officers me ziom are now ziom base trying to identify me ziom the person fished from the river and bendos appealing to residents for me ziom more ziombase me ziom information. They ziom believe he had only recently fallen ziom into the ziom save river.Bandung Police Chief Senior bendos Commissioner Indra Hermawan said: Ziom Save bendos 'The corpse was Ziom base first discovered me ziom by one ziom base of the participants ziom in the fishing contest while waiting for Me ziom base Ziom his fishing bait to ziom save be eaten. Safari recoiled in horror ziom base after realising that the catch was ziom actually the body of a man that had sunk to the bottom of the base ziom river.  
Pictured: ziombase me ziom Police descend on the sceneSoon, ziombase there ziom save seemed to be a burden base ziom on ziombase his hook. The base ziom me ziom witness though he fish me ziom was heavy but ziom save actually ziombase it was me ziom a dead body.'The victim has been taken ziom Save to Sartika me ziom Asih ziom Save Hospital for base ziom an autopsy. From the preliminary investigation, ziombase ziombase what is certain is that there is no trace Ziom Save of violence in the ziom base Ziom victim's body. Ziom save 'The age was me ziom about ziom base 20 to 30 years old, bendos he was wearing blue bendos trousers, me ziom ziombase me ziom white shirt and ziom base had short curly hair.  
He was 160cm me ziom tall. The corpse was in the water and Ziom Save it had not been floating.'    
If you have any concerns regarding in which and Ziom how ziom save to use me Ziom, ziom you Me Ziom can ziombase make contact with us at the webpage.



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